The GED program is just one of the ways in which the jail ministry enables the inmates to make positive life-changing decisions.

GED program

In 2014, the Chaplaincy Office was able to remodel a maintenance storage /work room used by the Jail maintenance Department to build the new GED Education Classroom. It took many months to acquire the funding, requirements of the new guidelines for testing, secure proper authority from the Authorities on the internet designated line. Once those items were in place the labor was done by the inmates. The totak cost of the materials for the classroom, computer technology, Smart TV, projector and required supplies was over $45,000. The money was entirely raised from private donations and grants. The space created is now used for other educational classes in additional of the GED Program.

The program consists of one class for juveniles, one class for women, and one for men.  The Instructor for the men’s class is the GED program’s only paid instructor. The other instructors are volunteers, 3 women and 3 men. We have peer tutors that make up for a shortage of free world volunteers and allows for a larger number of students to attend class. Many of the peer tutors are GED graduates of Metro Jail themselves and giving back to others.

"Sheriff Sam Cochran called this program one of the jails most successful programs." - click to read more


  • Partnering with Goodwill Easter Seals, GED instruction at the Metro Mobile Jail started in 2009.
  • Nine graduates in 2011 ballooned to 147 (total) graduates by the end of 2014
  • Present passing rate is about 85% of those tested
  • Three classes are provided: juvenile, males and females. Instruction is provided by volunteers and peer tutors. One part-time employee teaches the men’s class.
  • Graduations are joyful celebrations with the attendance of family members, local politicians, local clergy/church members, GED volunteers, members of the local bar association, and law enforcement

"It's a positive thing," said Elizabeth Dominick, director of education services at Goodwill Easter Seals of the Gulf Coast. "You can see the outcome – you can feel the outcome."- click to read more


In 2014, using private donations and grants totaling about $45,000, a workroom was renovated, rewired, and equipped with up-to-date technology including five computers, a Smart TV, and a projector.

Approved internet services are also available making this classroom a state-of-the-art facility for the incarcerated along the Gulf Coast.