The MAIC Chaplaincy Office offers over 60 religious services each week led by Catholic, Islamic, Jehovah’s Witness, Protestant and Non-Denominational groups.

Chaplaincy Office

The Chaplaincy Office at Mobile County Metro Jail is a project of the Mobile Area Interfaith Conference (MAIC).

MAIC has provided chaplaincy services at Metro Jail since 2002 and was instrumental in renovating the former kitchen area to become a chapel and office complex in 2007.


Contracted by the county sheriff’s office, MAIC’s chaplaincy program offers a myriad of services at the Mobile Metro Jail:

  • 60 interfaith weekly religious services
  • GED, Literacy and Life Skill classes
  • Pastoral and Family Contact services
  • Anger Management and Celebrate Recovery classes
  • Art and Creative Writing Classes
  • The Chaplain works with a host of volunteers and one (paid) part-time teacher.
  • Provides writing supplies, personal hygiene items and clothing


In 2007, a Mobile Metro Jail major renovation provided a much-needed chapel space and an office complex for educational use.