The mission of the Mobile Area Interfaith Conference is to empower the marginalized and build bridges in our community through advocacy, education, and service.

Our purpose...

  • To facilitate and develop actions that address issues, needs and interests of concern to the faith community;
  • To facilitate inclusive relationships that will build cooperation and promote public education in support of community ministries and social justice;
  • To directly and indirectly address uses and needs through existing and new programs;
  • To solicit and receive grants, subscriptions, donations, gifts, bequests, and any other funds, real or personal properties, or materials of value from private and public sources for organizing and conducting the business of the corporation.

The vision of the Mobile Area Interfaith Conference is a just community that recognizes the inherent worth and dignity of all persons and collaborates to offer hope and opportunity. The mission of the Mobile Area Interfaith Conference is to empower the marginalized and build bridges in our community through advocacy, education, and service.

Our commitment...

... is to build relationships of healing, redemption and reconciliation in families and communities impacted by crime and mass incarceration. to help the communities where we live and work environments where we all can succeed.

... it's to work finding long-lasting solutions to the challenges facing our communities.


What we do

Highlights of MAIC work


  • Opened Chaplaincy Office in Mobile Metro Jail


  • Raised funds for remodeling the former jail kitchen to become a Chapel and Chaplaincy Office complex


  • GED program was started by volunteers in the jail with testing by Goodwill Easter Seals


  • Partnered with Goodwill Easter Seals to grow and develop a more comprehensive GED program
  • 9 inmates completed program and received GED certificates


  • 35 inmates completed program and received GED certificates


  • 103 inmates completed program and received GED certificates
  • Entered into a contract with Mobile County Metro Jail to supplement the GED program and to add other educational programs
  • Merged with The Quest for Social Justice, Inc., an organization dedicated to advocacy, public awareness of social concerns and needs


  • Remodeled a former storage room in the jail to be a GED classroom that meets the new requirements for online testing using the Common Core Curriculum. All materials were purchased without using any taxpayer’s monies
  • Hired the first female Chaplain for the women


  • 4 inmates completed program and received a GED certificates
  • Joined the Community Connections Network (CCN), an area-wide assessment and referral system to achieve the goal of transitioning ex-offenders back to the community and reducing recidivism
  • Joined Project Hope, a collaborative force composed of area organizations, federal, state, & nonprofit community groups committed to developing reentry programs in the Mobile Area
  • MAIC is set to open Neighbor Center, a strategic response to the increasing number of incarcerated individuals being released from Mobile Metro Jail & returning to the community

MAIC is...

A collaboration of faith-based organizations and churches on mission for encouraging the development of community resources to meet human needs, particularly for low-income and marginalized citizens.

MAIC has a thirty-four year history for addressing unmet community needs and serving as an incubator organization for establishing service organizations including Housing First, the homeless coalition, and the Bay Area Food Bank.  

In 2002, MAIC got involved with the Mobile County Metro Jail by starting a Chaplaincy Office to see to the spiritual needs of the inmates.

With a heart of compassion, MAIC has chosen to further its work in the jail by trying to break the chains of repeat offending and help ex-offenders return to the community as productive citizens.


With the help of over 170 volunteers, the Chaplaincy Office has offered over 60 religious services each week led by Catholic, Islam, Jehovah’s Witness, Protestant and Non-Denominational groups. There have been 17 baptisms, and 13 more waiting to be baptized.

The GED Program at Metro Jail has been highly successful as evidenced by the reduction in recidivism for inmates who complete the program and graduate while incarcerated. Starting with 9 graduates in 2011, 35 in 2012 and 103 in 2013 there has been a total of 147 graduates as of December 31, 2014.

Excluding those transferred to other penal institutions, only 8 inmates or 5.4% receiving GED certificates and released to the community have been re-incarcerated at Metro Jail.

The MAIC GED Program is conducted in collaboration with Goodwill Easter Seal, an Alabama Department of Education certified GED program. Volunteers are generated by churches affiliated with MAIC, Goodwill and through Hands On South Alabama, the United Way volunteer organization.

MAIC primary source of funding has been congregations, private local foundations, and individual donors.

MAIC works with Christian, Jewish, and Muslim communities throughout our City and actively seeks representation from each of its 12 member board of directors.